Have you ever wondered why chiropractors focus so much on the spine?

It’s because we know that the spine has a direct impact on the central nervous system.

In fact, one of the most significant regions of the spine that impacts the central nervous system is the top two bones of the neck.

So why is that?

We know that the brain sits atop our head, and that it’s housed and protected by the brain stem.

The brain stem passes through the hole in the skull, and it’s surrounded and protected by those top two bones. The way those bones are moving can impact the brainstem and affect your entire body.

That’s why, here at The Specific Chiropractic Centers, we focus primarily on these top two bones and how they impact your body.

We want to test it to see how your nervous system is functioning, and take a very specific set of x-rays to see how we’re going to do adjustments so we can make sure that they last as long as possible to help you get well as fast as possible.