The myth is busted. Colds and flus do not have a season.

That’s because those bacteria and viruses and different germs that tend to lead to people getting sick and different illnesses are around us all the time, but it’s our body’s ability to fight back against those things which prevents us from getting them in the first place.

I want to share a few things that I like to do for both myself and my family to help us keep our immune system strong so we can fight back the best.

#1 Sleep

I always focus on sleep.

If you’re not getting adequate rest, your immune system doesn’t have its ability to flush out all the different junk that our bodies build up over time.

If you ever think about it, when someone gets sick, one of the main things they always want to do is just sleep.

The other thing, too, is when someone’s pulling an all-nighter or they’re studying for finals, they often tend to crash right after and get sick.

#2 Food

Another thing that people often forget about is the different kind of foods that might be irritating our immune system. A large majority of your immune system actually hangs out in your digestive tract.

Excessive amounts of sugar can decrease your immunity, and certain foods can irritate your gut.

Your best bet is to limit your excessive sugar intake, and focus more on whole unprocessed foods.

#3 Exercise

Exercise is always a great way to make sure your immune system is working normally, because what it allows your body to do is to be able to better deliver oxygen to all the different cells.

When your cells have more oxygen, they can function better.

One of the other things we often forget about is how important the nervous system is in actually controlling the immune system.

There’s a whole branch of study that deals specifically with this, about how the nervous system interacts with the immune system.

For us, it’s really important to make sure that our nervous system is working the best it can. That’s where the chiropractic part comes.

After people receive chiropractic care, they actually have an enhanced immune response, which allows them to better fight back against these.

Not to mention when we help people get into that more balanced nervous system state, their body is able to get into that rest and relaxation mode so they can get adequate sleep and better help the immune system function while they’re sleeping.