Stop Chasing Ants!!

Your symptoms are like Ants.


  • Symptoms are not necessarily bad… even though you don’t like them
  • Addressing only the symptom usually only results in a temporary solution
  • Take the extra step to learn how you can get to the cause and you’ll find lasting resolution.

“Never leave something for tomorrow that can be done today”


One of my favorite quotes to live by is “never leave something for tomorrow that can be done today.” Well…. the other night I didn’t follow that plan and left the dishes to be done the following morning. The problem was that I had a bit of honey on my sweet potato and ants really like honey… A LOT! So I woke up this morning to thousands of ants patrolling my kitchen in their highly organized lines (not a cool picture). 

So what did I do? 

I just got a wet paper towel, wiped them away, cleaned the dishes and figured that was it. I removed the thing they were coming after but they didn’t stop. I thought I had fixed the problem, no food, no ants. Not so much.

After a few days of the ants continuously visiting me, I figured it was time to take the next step. So I googled “Natural Ant infestation prevention” and I found a ton of blogs on Cinnamon powder and essential oils (both of which I had) as a preventative measure to keep them from coming back. 

They kept coming back!

So I decided to take the next step and call a pest control company. What was great was that they were able to come investigate to find out where the problem was coming from and provide the best solution. They didn’t need to use bait, the solution was to simply seal up areas in the kitchen using some caulking and the ants couldn’t even get into the house. 

Problem solved.

What’s funny is when you look at a similar scenario regarding a person’s health, we often repeatedly chase the symptoms of our problems and fail to get to the root of the issue

Take for instance Migraine headaches. The obvious symptom to the person suffering from the Migraine is the pain and throbbing in the head and this causes many people to miss out on work or other social engagements leading to a host of other problems. And what’s available to this person? Just like when I was wiping away the ants to get rid of the symptom, the short term solution is usually some type of ‘over the counter’ medication and doesn’t fix the cause.

Eventually that ‘over the counter’ stops working and they seek professional help from their doctor. The doctor does their best to prescribe a medication to help alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately for many people, these medications and injections don’t last and they are left frustrated and know they need to find a solution.


Instead of chasing symptoms like I was chasing these ants, we seek to go for the root cause of one’s health issues and help the best we can.

We know that the central nervous system controls all parts of the body, so before we start going around chasing symptoms, we find it vitally important to test the function of this system as a baseline. We do this by using digital infrared thermography. And just like the pest control expert who helped me with the ant issue in my kitchen, we use this testing to see what and how will be the best help for that individual, even if that recommendation is a service we don’t provide. 

What’s unique about Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic that has gone overlooked by so many health care professionals is how tightly connected the central nervous system is with the top two bones of the neck (the “Atlas” C1, “Axis” C2). As it relates to migraine headaches, research shows just how impactful the “Upper Cervical” spine is as a contributing factor. It’s even been shown to have a positive effect on lowering blood pressure and numerous other health issues.

So if you’re tired of chasing your symptoms around and never actually getting to a long lasting solution to your health problem, give us a call and find out how we can help you today. (925) 560-0700.