Once you start, do you have to go forever? No.

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. The real thing here is you want to ask yourself if you did start going to a chiropractor.

What drove you in there in the first place? Were you struggling with low back pain? Were you struggling with neck pain?

Maybe you went in there for headaches or migraines, or maybe even sleep issues, or maybe you’re just looking for overall improvement in your performance, athletic performance, whatever your reason for originally going in there, the question you want to ask yourself is if you did receive some benefits, you did see some improvement in your performance.

You did get a decrease in headaches from neck pain.

What happens if you stop going in for care or, in other words, if you stop getting adjusted, will those benefits start to diminish, or will your symptoms come back?

This is what separates us here in The Specific Chiropractic Centers for many other chiropractic offices because we know how you feel and perform is primarily based on how your nervous system functions.

We do specialized testing in the nervous system to make sure it’s working optimally, and our patients only get adjusted when it’s necessary.

This is why our patients get the results they do in our office and periodically come back in to get checked.

Maybe it’s once a month or once every other month, even though we don’t force them because they realize what it’s like to have their body functioning at its highest potential.

I’m Dr. Drew Vercellino with The Specific Chiropractic Centers and if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you reach your fullest potential, go ahead and send us a message.