About Dr. Drew Vercellino

Dr. Drew Vercellino graduated with Honors from Life Chiropractic College West in 2015 and was immediately welcomed to the team at The Specific Chiropractic Center in Chico, CA. While attending chiropractic college, he invested in advanced training through “The Art of The Specific” and joined the ranks of a select few chiropractors proficient in the specialized work of specific upper cervical care. He shared this knowledge and training with his fellow members of the Upper Cervical Club at Life Chiropractic College West and now is part of the team that teaches “The Art of The Specific” program.

Throughout his doctoral training, Dr. Drew was an athletic performance coach for a highly sought after training program for high school volleyball athletes. This program not only focused on physical performance, but mental growth and development as well. He also maintained an active role as a Functional Movement Specialist and Kettlebell trainer and continues to compete at a professional level in Kettlebell Lifting.

Throughout his training, Dr. Drew served with the El Salvador Outreach Program four times. These events, initiated by The Art of The Specific training program, have allowed Dr. Vercellino to see thousands of patients and educate people about chiropractic care internationally.

When he is not in the office, Dr. Drew enjoys hiking the everlasting trails of the Bay area and bringing the community together by teaching Kettlebell classes in various parks around town. You can also find him walking around the Farmer’s Markets looking for the freshest food… and coffee around.