Fibromyalgia, The Worst Imaginary Friend

I had several titles for this article, and because this topic can be heavy with a lot of pain associated with it, I’m going to drop one of the funnier ones here before we dive in.


Alternate Title: “[fi]BRO, My Pain Is NOT In My Head!”


You’re welcome.


Fibromyalgia isn’t a joke, but of course, you already know that.

In fact, it’s a syndrome that continues to rank among the most common and elusive chronic pain conditions. Even with all of the studies being done, not only Fibromyalgia but neuropathy and chronic pain in general, there is still no known cause, and therefore, no treatment. The latest research shows that most of the science has come to agree on one thing: Fibromyalgia begins and ends with the central nervous system.


Of course, a central nervous system issue presents quite the conundrum.

The central nervous system is made of the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. That’s it. Not a lot to it, except for the fact that these organs coordinate and carry out the instructions to every single cell, tissue, and organ in the entire body. Actually, there is a lot to it. They’re the only organs we have COMPLETELY encased in bone, and that anatomical fact alone should infer how important they are to our survival. This is why Fibromyalgia is so intense. The system that is responsible for receiving and sending the messages that keep our bodies functioning, happy, and healthy is being interfered with. Knowing that, it makes sense that we would be feeling the opposite of functional, happy, and healthy. This is why Fibromyalgia symptoms can be mild to severe, ranging from slight fatigue and muscle/joint aches and pains all the way to chronic pain so severe its prisoners are kept bedridden with some in so much pain they choose to leave this world.


Told you it’s a heavy topic.


Most people are looking for something to save them.

Fibromyalgia sufferers can feel especially desperate since this diagnosis wasn’t caused by a trauma or specific incident and doesn’t typically affect how a person looks. There is a huge possibility that you know someone who is in constant, chronic pain and you have no idea. Quite often, these people look “fine” or “normal” and because their pain isn’t physically obvious and has no definite cause, they feel obligated to continue to work and/or function as best as they can until their bodies just can’t anymore. Desperation calls for trying anything and everything regardless of dollar amount. Traditional medical care, medical trials, alternative medical care, pills, potions, lotions, etc., many of the patients I see have tried “everything” with short-term, minimal, or no results. The situation can feel completely hopeless.


What people with Fibromyalgia symptoms don’t realize is they are already in possession of what will save them.

I’m not going to get hoaky on you and tell you positive thoughts are the secret to healing (although, they definitely contribute). But quite literally, what saves these people is the same system that is currently the system in so much distress. The central nervous system – the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. There isn’t anything that can truly save someone outside of the system that coordinates the communication of the rest of the body. If we’re talking about stopping something at the source, not symptomatically putting a bandaid on things, we must get the central nervous system back on track. And to be frank, in any health related situation, you are your own hero. Not me, not the medical doctor, not the nutritionist, or specialist, or prescription medication. YOU. Specifically, the same internal wisdom you have that keeps your heart beating, digests your food or heals a paper cut and gets you over a cold.


“I want to correct the problem at its source and believe the central nervous system is a key piece to the puzzle.”

Awesome! I agree with you. I would like to propose a very logical next step to achieve this solution. There are health professionals whose sole focus is the restoration of the central nervous system. These people are called Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors, and along with the nervous system, they practice in one specific area – the top two bones of the neck and their unique relationship with the brainstem. These are the doctors that practice in The Specific Chiropractic Centers all across the country. Remember the brainstem is part of the central nervous system. In fact, the brainstem is perhaps the most integral part of the system as a whole. This is the organ that directs all of the messages being sent and received by the brain and body. Your nervous system is essentially an electrical system and the brainstem is the circuit breaker. If there are circuits in the brainstem flipped off, this will affect the communication between the brain and the body, reducing and/or distorting the messages and instructions your body needs to be functional, happy, and healthy.


If you are the hero (which you ARE), think of us like your guide.

Everything mentioned above is what you already have inside of you. Your body already has all the capability it needs to function perfectly, without introducing any sort of magic pills, new medical trials or treatments. All the hero needs is a guide who meets them where they’re at and knows the way to get them where they want to go. In this case, it’s someone who knows how to identify dysfunction and miscommunication within the central nervous system and is then able to guide the body through its journey of healing as the system begins to restore itself. Of course, the goal is not only for the hero to recognize how much of a rockstar he or she is, but for the guide to play their part so that the hero can once again live their lives with confidence, able to take on any challenge that they desire AND succeed.


The situation is far from hopeless.

You haven’t tried EVERYTHING. I know, because you’re still looking for answers and that’s how you stumbled on this article.


Ask us about being your guide because we’re really, really good at helping heroes.