Seriously, it is the New Year with new STRESS?! Are any of you trying to make future plans or future goals for 2019 and just preparing yourself for failure?! WE ALL DO IT. We all want to be better by eating healthier, more fit or dieting, BUT we forget about the most important thing… giving ourselves care. I am not talking about the physical aspects of being thin or fit; I am talking about giving ourselves slack and our heart more care.



Sometimes we make bigger promises to ourselves and treat our mind so badly when we don’t succeed with the whole goal.  We break our heart, dignity and our esteem down because we didn’t get to our lofty goal. We didn’t lose the 20 pounds or eat totally healthier, but maybe we lost 10… or even 5! That should be a celebration, that we are committed. We need to give ourselves the benefit of committing and being proud that we are getting to our goal.  We need to not put a timeline on every single thing!


STOP GIVING TIMELINES… especially the outrageous ones!

Seriously… this is one of the biggest downfalls because we make these “setting up for failure” timelines.  Okay, Okay, we do need timelines, but not like “ I am going to lose 30 pounds in a month” or “ I am not going to eat out for an entire year….” The anxiety and stress skyrockets which contradicts our healthier new year?!  When we don’t live up to this expectation, we stress about it and then it becomes a bowling ball of anxiety, unhappiness, and stress in our life. The momentum of these emotions just gets bigger and faster… until we just finally break!


DON’T BREAK, but instead bend???

Instead of having a meltdown for the next holiday season saying “Great, I messed up another year… now I am dreading this next year” say “ I worked hard and became closer to my ultimate goal, I did it!” Saying positive affirmations to your mind instead of saying negative ones will help YOU adapt to the stress and not have the typical breakdown. Giving yourself leeway and positive affirmations will give you the best New Year present… HAPPINESS


HAPPINESS is THE most underrated thing.

Happiness will melt away your stress, anxiety, depression and more. It also builds your self-esteem, appreciation, love and content. We often forget about happiness during the season as we forget about ourselves. We are too busy promising everyone, buying gifts, cooking and stressing that we forget why we celebrate the New Year.  Giving yourself happiness will not only make you a better person, but you WILL hit your goals and if don’t hit all directly, you will still celebrate! That is the secret towards a less stressful holiday season…. Happiness.