A Chiropractic Care Professional

Dr. Drew is amazing at what he does as a chiropractor and has helped many people over the years with his vast knowledge of chiropractic.

He always takes time to listen to each patient and assess their needs before helping them, making sure to address any issues they might have in the process.

Chiropractors can help so many different types of ailments and pains that come from various parts of your body, whether it be your neck or back — Dr. Drew can help!

A chiropractor provides manual therapy of the spine, hip joint, or other joints via manipulation to correct a misalignment that may be causing nerve interference or pain. The goal is to improve symptoms and quality of life by restoring normal range of motion as well as reducing muscle spasms. Chiropractic care often includes other elements, such as nutritional counseling and rehabilitative exercises.

How Chiropractors Help

A chiropractor can diagnose most back problems by evaluating one’s posture when one is standing up.

They will then be able to determine if any corrective actions need to be taken due to misalignments that could lead to nerve interference or future health risks. If not corrected the patient may experience discomfort, muscle spasms, numbness, and much worse!

Chiropractors are trained to treat a wide variety of back and neck pain conditions, including muscle strains or spasms.

Come on in and Help us Help you

Many people come in with issues, but he is able to assess them and help them through their issues with a reassuring tone.

Whether Dr. Drew is helping people with exercises to reduce vertigo or adjusting someone to keep their nervous system aligned it’s all done with professionalism, tact, and a friendly smile.

Many people like Maranda here come in with issues, and thanks to the science of chiropractic they have been able to manage their pains and heal their bodies.

Chiropractic care has helped many people get their lives back on track and to be able to function properly with minimal pain. Chiropractor Dr. Drew is always there for you, so don’t hesitate!